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Alan Robinson

By Alan Robinson


Here we go again!

We're delighted to say that we've re-launched our uber-popular annual stock cupboard raiding giveaway, and cannot be more excited. We had such a lot of fun last year and know that this one is just bound to be every bit as good. This year's instalmant offers you 31 days of prizes with free sweeties for all entrants and a pre-order of a PlayStation 4 as the star prize. It's like a 2nd version of Stocktober. It's STOCKTOBER2!.

Last year's Stocktober was a roaring success and kickstarted a campaign of generating new education customers for VeryPC that culminated in our most successful summer of sales ever. We've run a few more competitions since then (Madvent, Beat it or Eat it and Back to School) and they've been great fun, but none have quite managed to recapture the sheer unbridled joyful nonsense that seemed to emerge spontaneously when we decided to do that first 31 days of daft giveaways on video.

STOCKTOBER2! This time it's personal

I love my job. I get to do creative projects and take great satisfation in my work, but nothing quite compares to winging it on camera and pretending to be some sort of (very cheesy) TV presenter for the prize draw videos. I hope (and I'm pretty sure) that the enjoyment myself and my colleagues get from making these silly little films translates to our viewers. The laughs and banter we have in the competition threads on EduGeek with our contestants is almost (almost!) as much fun as making the videos too. So as you can imagine, we've been looking forward to STOCKTOBER2! for about, well 11 months actually.

It's finally started! We're 4 videos in and it's shaping up to be every bit as much fun as last year, if not more so. Every day this month (October 2013) we'll be giving away another prize from our surplus stock cupboard, and on the 31st it'll be time to draw the winner of our star prize, a mighty PlayStation 4! If you've not entered yet, don't fret; entries remain open until the 30th October 2013 so you can still join in - the sooner you do, the more chance you'll have of winning a daily prize.

How to enter

If you are a UK based IT technician or manager in education, charity, business, public sector or any other organisation, we want you! We run the competitions on EduGeek where we are a forum sponsor; all you need to do is EduGeek PM the VeryPC account with your professional contact details (please include job title, place of work, address, phone and email) and we'll add your name to the Broadleaf chassis we use for the draws. If you've entered a VeryPC competition on EduGeek before and are still in the same job you can take a shortcut and simply announce your intention to enter right there on the thread and we'll pop you in the chassis too.

Best of luck to everyone who decides to enter, and I hope to see you joining in the fun on the thread soon.

- Al

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