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Ryan Bridgwood

By Ryan Bridgwood


Small Form Factor or often abbreviated to SFF, refers to a desktop computer that is designed specifically to minimise the amount of volume and footprint that is taken up. You’ll find all the same features you know and love in your normal tower PC but just confined into a smaller space-saving chassis, which is ideal for any working environment. Particularly if you’re working from home.

We thought we’d take a dive into some of the advantages an SFF computer has over a traditional tower desktop.


  1. Size: The main and obvious advantage of an SFF PC is the space it saves. Instead of cluttered up legroom under your desk or occupying a chunk of desk space, you can store an SFF PC just about anywhere! Place it on a shelf or even VESA mount it to the back of your monitor for an easy All-in-One solution.
  2. Performance: Despite having a small chassis, you can still get the same performance as you would do in a typical desktop tower PC. Whatever level of performance and expansion you require, you can adjust your specification to match. This includes processor, memory, storage, OS and expansion cards.
  3. Portable: SFF PC’s are super lightweight making it easy to turn your next destination into a creative workspace without the extra pair of hands to help with the heavy lifting.  
  4. Aesthetic: You can say good riddance to the old clucky and chunky PC tower and hello to a new sleek and slimline small form factor PC. With their outstanding design, they blend into any working environment without dominating your workspace.


VeryPC has a wide collection of small form factor PCs, all with the ability to either have an Intel or AMD processor. Our SFF PC’s are a great solution for a school or business, especially if you are constrained on space. Why not get in touch today to discuss your next step to a small form factor PC and transforming your workspace. 

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