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As you may already know (or not as the case may be), VeryPC was founded in 2004 and like many businesses has experienced the trials and tribulations of the changes to both UK manufacturing and the Information Technology industry.

However, recent growth in our organisation indicates that even brighter times are ahead.

Early in 2004 after developing our IT support offering to local businesses and adding the supply of computer hardware, our leadership team identified a gap in the UK market for more high quality, energy efficient PCs and servers. And whilst today the main purchasers of this product range are small businesses and consumers more inclined to buying ethically sourced computers, the business to business computer purchase trends seem to favour more competitively priced PC options supplied by larger IT vendors that can compete more aggressively than a smaller organisation like us.

The challenges of reduced margins and budget constraints required us to create a new strategic direction for the company to enable us to grow sustainably. Over the years the team has worked hard at developing relationships with Intel, Microsoft and more recently SMART Technologies, allowing us to add audio visual products to our traditional IT solutions and services offering.

At the end of 2016 VeryPC employed 20 people and has since increased this figure by 50%, increasing headcount in sales, marketing, technical, production and finance personnel.  

John LevisOne of our most recent recruits is software and solutions specialist, John Levis, who has over 15 years’ experience working in the IT sector, for part of which he was employed by one of the UK’s largest IT Resellers. He has built up extensive knowledge in the latest cloud based technologies from Microsoft and has a strong technical background.

John is great and we are indeed all very pleased to have him onboard. So, feel free to give John a call or indeed any of our team on 0114 321 8609, if you wish to discuss any of our new services.

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