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The VeryPC team are supporting hosts Strideout Running Club and Bradfield Brewery in this year’s Bradfield Barrel Challenge 2017.

We will be raising money for Prostate Cancer UK, the challenge is to carry a full nine-gallon cask along a 4km, mixed terrain route. Oh, and in addition to our own body weight, the cask and carrier combined weight is approximately 57 kg.

The VeryPC team have designed and built a carrier device, which if you cheer us on at the event, you will be able to see this bespoke winning carrier master creation crossing the finish line!

Bradfield Barrel Challenge 2017 team

The winners (we do hope it’s VeryPC, but also happy to take second place) of the Barrel Challenge will receive 72 pints of Farmers Ale from Bradfield Brewery.  

All proceeds go to Prostate Cancer UK. Colleagues, friends and family of VeryPC, please feel free to donate to this charity via the event justgiving page:


Event Details:

Where: Starts at Low Bradfield Cricket Club, finishing at the Bradfield Brewery Tap, The Nags Head at Loxley. 

Date: Saturday on the 10 of June.

Time: From 9am onwards.

For more event information, email

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