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Edmond Egan

By Edmond Egan


One click. That's all it takes to cause serious technical and financial issues to your school or organisation. No matter how many levels of protection or how good your security software is, you are still at risk from one careless click by a member of staff.

Here at VeryPC, we have a world-class, user friendly, security awareness training software that's both simple and effective to use. We're even able to set you up with a 30 day free trial, so you can experience it for yourself! 

You'll be able to train your users with an initial online training program which features interactive modules, videos and games. However, the real beauty of this software is being able to phish your own users. Choose from thousands of "known to work" templates which people often fall for. You'll be able to track if a user opens any attachments, clicks a link or even replies to the phishing email you have sent to them.

You'll also get to see the results, with enterprise-strength reporting, showing graphs and statistics for both training and phishing your own users. From this, you'll easily be able to see the return on your investment. We promise you, it's worth it! 

We recently ran an online webinar which showcased the software in my depth, talked through our experiences of using it and answered any questions. For those that missed it or were unable to attend, you can watch it below at your own leisure!

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