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Andrew Hopton

By Andrew Hopton


Introducing VeryPC Mobile Education Solutions - rugged Intel® Classmate tablet, 2-in-1 and netbook devices for schools.

With a low cost Edupack accessories bundle upgrade including thermal probe and microscope lens attachment. VeryPC Mobile Education Solutions also benefit from a suite of Intel Education Solutions apps designed to enhance your students’ learning.

Mobile devices like tablets and 2-in-1s are rapidly becoming a significant feature of the education landscape, appearing in more and more classrooms throughout the UK, and with good reason. I believe that handheld devices bring students closer to the information they need and provide immediate access to educational tools that enhance their learning experience.

VeryPC Mobile Education Solutions Classmate Netbook, tablets and 2-in-1

The uptake has been clear to us here at VeryPC. More and more of our education customers have been asking us about mobile devices, and that is a trend that we can’t ignore if we are to continue providing the hardware products and solutions that you demand from us. With this in mind I asked our product development team to research and test numerous options. We have selected a range of great value, well featured, robust and versatile Intel Classmate products to launch our Mobile Education Solutions range.

VeryPC Mobile Education Solutions come in 3 different types of device:

  • Android tablets (7 and 10 inch models available)
  • Windows 2-in-1 convertible tablet with snap in removable keyboard
  • Windows Netbook

VeryPC Mobile Solutions are built to handle the inevitable knocks and spills that will happen during the normal course of events in the classroom. The tough outer cases are wipe clean and drop resistant to 50cm. Classmate tablets and 2-in-1 have their ports tucked away behind a rubberised push shut cover to guard against liquids getting inside.

The power and familiarity of touch

Today’s kids are growing up with touchscreen devices all around them. Their mobile phones and tablets at home all have touch. The actions of tapping, swiping and gesture control are a digital grammar that they start learning the first time they pick up a device. The process of following information by tapping through it and creating work simply by drawing their fingers across the screen brings children closer to the subjects they are learning and the work they make in school.

Touch has an immediacy to it that operating systems like Windows 8.1 and Android, mobile apps and many newer Windows applications are designed to capitalise on, improving user experience and therefore making learning more intuitive and fun.

Learning accessories and software

Classmate detail with thermal probe and micro lens

Each VeryPC Classmate device has a low cost optional Edupack upgrade (excluding A7 7 inch tablet). The Edupack upgrade includes a thermal probe and microscope lens that clips to the webcam so your students can collect scientific data and capture magnified imagery direct to the tablet. These accessories are designed to work in conjunction with the pre-installed suite of Intel Education Solutions applications, adding many enhanced functions to your Classmate mobile devices.

Intel Education Solutions

All VeryPC Mobile Education Solutions Intel Classmate devices (excluding A7 7 inch tablet) have a free suite of Intel Education Solutions software which augment the educational functionality of the devices. Note taking, art creation, video, data collection and classroom management are all covered for both Windows and Android (click application to download more info):

Not just single user devices

Most Network Managers will agree that distribution and account control of Android devices in a Microsoft Windows network can be tricky. That’s why 2 of our Mobile Education Solutions devices, the 2-in-1 Classmate W21 and Classmate Netbook are designed for Windows. With Windows Professional and Windows server working together, you get all the benefits of user accounts and administrative control via active directory, domain join and group policy.

Find out more

It won’t surprise you to learn that I think our Classmate based Mobile Education Solutions are one of the best suite of mobile and handheld devices designed for learning around. The feedback we’ve had from our customers so far supports this.

Many thanks for reading. Here’s to taking learning mobile.

- Andy Hopton, Managing Director, VeryPC.

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