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Alan Robinson

By Alan Robinson


We are delighted to announce VeryPC STOCKtober 2016! Entries are now open with daily prizes up for grabs and weekly (starting Monday 3rd of October) videos featuring a prize draw announcing the competition winners.

Everyone who participated in recent years had such a lot of fun, so due to popular demand, at the request of EduGeek members, STOCKtober is back!

VeryPC pledge – not to disappoint the growing number of STOCKtober entrants and ensure that this year’s competition will be even better than the previous year’s. VeryPC offers you 21 days of daily giveaways and don’t forget to watch the video every Monday, where we will reveal the weekly prize winner. One of the prizes up for grabs, includes an Asus Chrome Book.

Mentioning no names, my new colleague Danni thought this competition sounded like people were having too much fun! How can this be so? We’re at work; this kind of “fun stuff” doesn’t happen! Well, maybe at VeryPC, this kind of fun stuff does happen! Actually, because STOCKtober has developed real meaning to many EduGeek members, we get slightly offended by people thinking it is just some promotions ploy*! We started STOCKtober with our customers in mind and to share some of our VeryPC core values like believing that relationships matter. Plus, as a bonus, with the same stone, we can also have a load of fun whilst working! Furthermore, that this does not equal not working! In fact, it’s quite the opposite, we love our job, so much that we even work through our lunch breaks (gasp) to make sure things happen during STOCKtober. [Okay enough Al, they get the point – DW]

Personally, I’m so proud of VeryPC, so STOCKtober gives me the opportunity to showcase the extensive VeryPC product portfolio and services whilst getting to do something a little bit different at the same time. STOCKtober can be anything from my colleagues and I larking about on camera to sharing banter with our contestants’ on the EduGeek competition thread. Then, of course, the bests part: picking prize winners from the great chassis pot.

Entries are now being taken – all you need to do right now is visit and send a private message to the @VeryPC account with your name, email and U.K delivery address. Your EduGeek username will be added to the great chassis pot and your chances of winning begin!

Best of luck to everyone who decides to enter STOCKtober 2016, and I hope to see you joining in the fun on the EduGeek thread really soon.

- Al (the marketing guy)

*STOCKtober is some kind of promotions ploy


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