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Andrew Hopton

By Andrew Hopton


TAP has changed. Read our November 2015 article on the changes to qualification criteria for Windows National Academic Licensing.

VeryPC are now a named Microsoft® partner. One important thing this means is that we are able to supply Windows® National Academic Licences with our PCs at a tiny fraction of the usual price to qualifying educational establishments. One of our favourite customers recently made amazing savings by taking advantage of this as part of Microsoft technology access programs.

Forefield Junior School needed 34 new desktop PCs. We consulted with Steve Marriott, who has responsibility for managing the school's IT systems, before settling on the VeryPC Broadleaf Access as a machine that suited his requirements. We quoted for a system with Intel® Core™ i3 processor, 4GB RAM and also designed a unique custom printed front plate based on the awesome pirate ship Forefield Junior School have in their playground.

VeryPC Broadleaf Access with custom designed full colour pirate themed front plate

Because the cost of Forefield Junior School’s Windows 8.1 Pro National Academic license (with downgrade to Windows 7 Professional rights) was reduced so significantly, we were able to supply our high quality PCs at a price that made them truly competitive with budget vendors.

Just got our 34 brand new VeryPC Broadleaf Access all ready to go. First time round they weren't the cheapest of the obligatory 3 quotes I had to obtain by a long way, but the extra cost comes with superior build quality, 5 year warranty, green credentials, custom branding options and customer relations like you wouldn't believe. Anyways, the icing on the cake came when Colin, my account manager at VeryPC informed me that I would be able to order Windows National Academic licences under Microsoft technology access programs. This significantly reduced the initial quote and brought it to within a gnat's whisker of the cheapest quote, which offered NONE of the added extras.

Steve Marriott - Forefield Junior School

Pupil sat at desk using custom branded Forefield Junior School VeryPC Broadleaf Access desktop PC

Steve was good enough to give us a bit of feedback from his pupils and colleagues too. “I just wanted to let you know that our Pirate PCs are all up and running, and they have been a BIG HIT with staff and students alike. The most commonly used words and phrases so far have been (usually preceded by a gasp from a dropped-jaw):

  • Kids: ‘Awesome’, ‘Cooooool’, ‘They are so cool’, ‘I LOVE these computers, Thank you’, and ‘Is that really our pirate ship?’
  • Adults: ‘Wow’, ‘Gorgeous’, ‘Fabulous’, ‘That's amaaazing’, and ‘Is that really our pirate ship?’

Even the head teacher keeps popping in, looking around and saying, ‘It just looks so good in here.’”

Who qualifies for Windows National Academic licences?

Read our November 2015 article on the changes to qualification criteria for Windows National Academic Licensing.

There are a few criteria to meet in order to be able to purchase Windows National Academic licences at the vastly reduced rate:

  • Licence must be purchased as part of a PC device from a named Microsoft partner.
  • Device must be used within education for students or staff (student age range of 5-19).
  • Educational establishment must be at least 50% government funded.

As a named Microsoft partner VeryPC can help you work out if your school qualifies for the reduced cost Windows National Academic licensing. Call 0845 0345 017, 0114 321 8609 or email and we’ll be happy to help.

PC by named Microsoft partner. Educational Establishment min 50% govt funded. Teaching ages 5-19. Windows National Academic Licence at a tiny fraction of the usual price. TINY!

Microsoft technology access programs

Technology access programmes, formerly referred to as Shape the Future, is a global programme from Microsoft that provides a comprehensive approach for governments exploring a transformation of their education system to prepare students for the 21st century. These solutions achieve whole system change – from access (devices and connectivity) to capacity (educator professional development) to outcomes (skills for tomorrow’s workforce).

Steve Beswick, UK Education Director, Microsoft comments: “Technology access programmes are designed to provide better one-to-one computing experiences for young people and aims to improve their confidence, IT skills and ultimately their employability. At a time of high youth unemployment, we think it is more important than ever that we invest in our young people. We are excited to work with our partners on this programme which will enable us to make a true impact in preparing students for the 21st century in schools throughout the UK.”

Microsoft logo. Intel Technology Provider Platinum 2015 logo PC


“VeryPC are now definitely our supplier of choice. If you've had a quote in the past and not been able to justify the additional cost, give them another go and you just may see a difference. If you've never been quoted before, I would highly recommend that you give them a shot.”
Steve Marriott
- Forefield Junior School


Call 0845 0345 017, 0114 321 8609 or email to find out if you qualify for Windows at a tiny fraction of the usual price, or any further info.

Andy - MD

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