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Tom Burkinshaw

By Tom Burkinshaw


Well, we knew it would! The Glide has made a huge impact here at VeryPC. We weren’t surprised by the amount of interest this product has received.

VeryPC Glide

But you may be asking yourself what the benefits of the Glide are? Here are our top 5 reasons to opt for the brand new All-in-One VeryPC Glide:

  1. It's height adjustable! The Glide is perfect at every angle and adjustability is key with it's 90° rotatable screen, tilt function and rotatable stand (45° left or right).
  2. You can enjoy every visual moment on the Glide with its stunning full HD IPS 23.8" display.
  3. With its edge to edge display and ultra thin bezel, it's the perfect sized All-in-One PC for your needs.
  4. The Glide is super stylish and modern. Just look at it! Available in either black or white, it has an awesome look and feel to it.
  5. It's fully customisable. Just like all of our PCs, the spec of the Glide is completely configurable. We'll help you get the functionality you require. 


These are just our top 5 reasons as to why we love the new Glide All-in-One. Let us know what yours are when you treat your desk to the finishing touches it deserves. VeryPC Glide.


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