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Andrew Hopton

By Andrew Hopton


The VeryPC team has had a bit of a growth spurt recently. A spectacularly successful summer has seen us purchasing, building and servicing a greater amount of orders than ever before. To deal with this surge in custom, we’ve recruited new team members in our warehouse, purchasing and technical departments, and to ensure that our success continues, we’ve also added to our marketing team.

James recently came onboard to lend his skills to our technical team. His years of experience supporting computer hardware and IT systems will be put to good use helping our customers. James and the team will be making the work lives of our managed support clients less stressful by helping them with their technical problems and assisting our hardware customers with any warranty issues they may face.

Tom is our new starter in purchasing. The obverse challenge to ensuring goods are delivered safely to our customers is acquiring all the components and products that go into making up your orders. More orders mean more purchasing, so Tom has joined us to focus on bringing all these elements together at our factory as efficiently as possible.

Ryan has joined the marketing team to make sure that the success we’ve been having isn’t just a flash in the pan. Our ambition is to become one of the UK’s leading technology providers, and growth is key to achieving that goal. Ryan will be working with the marketing team to boost our visibility in the marketplace, bringing our communications to a wider audience and tempting you all to join the extended VeryPC family by becoming customers.

Kamil has joined our warehouse department to advance our dispatch operations. It’s no good selling and producing thousands of PCs if you can’t ship them to the customer when they’re ready, so we’ve grown the goods-out team to cover the increased volume. Kamil and his colleagues make sure your orders are carefully boxed up and protected before they leave our factory. If you’re smart enough to choose custom branding, it could be Kamil’s nimble fingers that apply those crucial finishing touches to your product.

So I would like to say “welcome to the family” to James, Tom, Ryan and Kamil. I hope you enjoy many years of challenge and fun with us, folks.

Andy, MD



(From L-R: James, Tom, Ryan & Kamil).

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