Microsoft Office 365 – A new user’s perspective enquiry

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Let me state up front that I’m a big fan of Office 365. Now, I’m not an evangelist for all things Microsoft. I can categorically state, for example, that I did not feel the same about Windows Vista back in the day – anyone that got that feeling of tremor at the mere mention will know what I’m talking about! 

But back to business - with Office 365, I can be on my way to work, at my desktop or waiting patiently in a queue somewhere and I get access to my emails and files from whichever location. I love that Office 365 syncs with my phone, tablet, desktop, laptop and the web, connectivity permitting, which allows me to pick up on my work on whichever device I have access to at that moment. This flexibility is awesome and when I don’t need it, I can just disconnect and switch off from the big wide world.


I’m already a long-time user of Office productivity applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc. but the beauty of working at VeryPC is being introduced to the less commonly used components of the suite. Thanks to our team’s technical capabilities and know-how, I’m able to optimise my use of technology throughout my working day. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by a high level of expertise, enabling me to experience as an insider what it’s like to be a VeryPC supported customer.

I like the whole new experience of using SharePoint and Skype to share, communicate and collaborate. Because the components of Office 365 work seamlessly together, it enables me to be even more productive and efficient at work. When I’m in a Skype For Business meeting, I can share my screen to demonstrate visually and communicate more effectively - no more leaving a meeting scratching your head thinking “what was that conversation all about?” SharePoint allows me to work together with my colleagues on a document in real time – great for idea sharing! These cool features mean working together becomes more simplified and removes ambiguity.


If you want to enquire or purchase Office 365, VeryPC provides customers with a great value service because as well as buying the product you can also call us direct to access ongoing support. As a Microsoft Partner, we can take care of the implementation side for you, we can migrate your email and other office services meaning that your entire transition is hassle free.

If you have an IT requirement in mind, give us a call and we would be more than happy to chat through the project with you.

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