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Kiefer Ward

By Kiefer Ward


It’s been an exciting time here at VeryPC over the last few months. Not only have we had our most successful summer period ever (more news on that soon!) but behind the scenes we have been working on the launch of a brand new product for our All-in-One desktop PC range.

Myself, and the whole VeryPC family are proud to introduce you to the Glide, our brand new stylish and sophisticated All-in-One PC packed with the powerful performance you need. One of the many things we love about the Glide is its ability to allow you to work and learn with ease on its 23.8” full HD IPS display, making any school or business instantly look the part. It’s also a stunning product. It’s slim, sleek and makes any desktop space look tidy and clutter free.  

You know us by now, nothing comes as standard and that’s the same with the Glide. It can be customised to your needs from Intel® Pentium® to Core™ i7 and up to 32GB RAM and SSD. Its screen and stand can be rotated and its tiltable and height adjustable display guarantees that you’ll always get the perfect viewing angle to suit your needs.

It’s been a busy time getting the Glide ready for product launch and we’re so happy to finally reveal it to you! Further specifications can be found over on our website or contact us today to find out more information. We’re ready to chat all things Glide and are happy to answer any questions you might have!

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