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Ryan Bridgwood

By Ryan Bridgwood


After Pearson partnered up with The British Esports Association to create the world’s first qualification for Esports, the industry has boomed within the education sector and Esports is now being recognised as a valuable learning tool for the future generation. Schools, colleges and universities all over the world are embracing Esports and integrating it into courses portfolio. In fact, the Esports industry was projected year-on-year growth of +16% in 2020.

So, what is Esports?

Esports is essentially where you or your team play video games against other people or teams, competitively for a cash prize. These games are usually live-streamed on platforms like Twitch allowing spectators to watch the game live. There are several types of Esports games you can play which includes the likes of FIFA, League of Legends, Fortnite and Minecraft. 

What are the benefits?

It’s only natural that parents and teachers may be concerned about the increased screen time and the effect this will have. Within the Esports course itself, students learn about health and wellbeing along with other topics such as analysis, events management, video production, coaching, law and legislation and computer networking to name just a few.

Students also gain a wide range of transferable skills that students such as teamwork, leadership, communication, problem-solving and cyber skills. These qualifications and skills will then leave students with the ability to enter a career straight into the Esports industry or for others an opportunity to progress their careers in areas like software, analytics and virtual reality. With the endless opportunities then why wouldn’t you want to add this to your school’s curriculum?

Endless gaming abilities 

Investing in Esports isn’t just investing in the latest and greatest gaming PC's, it's investing in learning for the future generation. Therefore, it’s important to have the best components to ensure your Esports teams are capable of anything. We work to the required specifications that the qualification requires and have pricing support of a range of partners, which ensures you’ll be able to dedicate a room to Gaming PCs, even on the tightest of budgets. 

It’s not just what goes into your PC, it’s also what accessories you choose too. From mice and keyboards as well as incredible gaming headsets, we’ll help you find the best peripherals to suit your needs.

It’s an exciting time for Esports in the UK right now and with over 70% of schools considering introducing Esports into their curriculum, why not get in touch to see how we can customise the perfect Gaming PCs for your school.



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