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Edmond Egan

By Edmond Egan


Did you know that cyber and phishing attacks have increased by a staggering 667% throughout March 2020 alone? Whilst the majority of the country are still getting to grips with working from home, the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak has created a series of opportunities for cybercriminals, leaving them in a feeding frenzy.

Even though more of you are working from the comfort of your own homes, it’s important that you and the rest of your team aren’t letting your guard down. One small distraction from children, pets or even the television may result in an eye being taken off the ball and leave your school or business at risk from a cyber attack. Here at VeryPC, we have a world-class, user friendly, security awareness training software that's both simple and effective to use. We're even able to set you up with a 30 day free trial, so you can experience it for yourself! 

You'll be able to train your users with an initial online training program which features interactive modules, videos and games. However, the real beauty of this software is being able to phish your own users. Choose from thousands of "known to work" templates which people often fall for. You'll be able to track if a user opens any attachments, clicks a link or even replies to the phishing email you have sent to them.

We'd love you to join us for our, free to attend, webinar on Monday 27th April at 11.00am, where we'll be running through the software in more depth, talking through our experiences of using it and answering any questions you have.

This may be a time of uncertainty for us all, but we’re able to help keep yourself and your staff on their toes and make sure everyone is fully trained and aware of any potential risks. 

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