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Alan Robinson

By Alan Robinson


Thanks for another amazing Stocktober!

Well the dust is quietly settling around me as I type. Boxes tidied away, ninjas and zombies ordered back to their hibernation caves, camera and lighting gear packed up and Croc has returned to his quiet little swamp to recover.

We've just finished our most successful competition ever and we're getting ready to send out over 30 prizes to their EduGeek winners from STOCKTOBER2! The über-lucky winner of the star prize PlayStation 4 will have to wait a little bit longer though because that particular item is so new it hasn't even been released yet. Come 29th November (or shortly after), they'll be gaming up a storm with their brand new console and release title game of their choice. If you missed it, you can watch the final draw again below:

It's been a fantastic month of give-aways, videos, silly jokes, impromptu mini-competitions, cardboard box bashing, fantasy product invention and the occasional bit of genuine VeryPC product placement, which was all very well received, I'm pleased to say. Sometimes exhausting, sometimes chaotic, but always great fun, this is what we've come to expect from the 10th month of the year, or Stocktober as we now always call it round here.

I'm personally looking forward to a peaceful, chaos free November to recover from the double daily video posting, but I will miss the laughs that we have on the thread during the competition. On behalf of all at VeryPC I want to say thank you to all the EduGeek users who entered STOCKTOBER2! and pay particular tribute to those of you who contributed on a regular basis (you know who you are). Your jokes, pics, links and general banter are what really make the Stocktober experience and it wouldn't be close to what it is without you. We love you folks!

Thanks so much, and see you in a month for Madvent!


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