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Alan Robinson

By Alan Robinson


Happy Christmas and a well-deserved break!

First things first, Happy Christmas to all our friends out there. We hope you’re looking forward to a nice pressie, egg-nog and cracker filled break to recharge your batteries. Speaking of which, it’s a good time to let you know our holiday shutdown times. VeryPC will be closing on Tuesday 23rd December 2014 and reopening on Monday 5th January 2015.

Happy Christmas from VeryPC. A great year - Tue 23/12 last day we're open. Taking a seasonal break - 24/12 2014A new year.

2014: a busy busy year for VeryPC

2014 was a year of targets for VeryPC, setting them and achieving them. We reached some important milestones:

  • Sold over 6,000 PCs.
  • Turned 10 years old.
  • Achieved 50% sales growth.
  • Further promoted from Platinum status to the Intel Inside® program.
  • Became a direct Microsoft® partner, enabling us to supply Windows® National Academic licences at a tiny fraction of the usual price though Microsoft technology access programs.

All in all, our busiest ever year (again!). Every department in the company has grown to accommodate the extra work we’ve been doing; technical, sales, production, accounts and marketing have all welcomed new team members.

You guys… you guys!

It goes without saying, but it’s still important to make sure that it does get said. The success we’ve had this year is pretty much completely because of you, our customers and friends. We’ve welcomed loads more of you to the family this year and had a great time continuing to look after those we already know.

Every person who works at VeryPC understands that without our customers, there is no VeryPC – simple as that. The relationships we’ve forged with you are the most important assets of our business and we’ll do everything we can to maintain them. Thank you so much for getting us to where we are now – stick around, because the journey is far from over!

Thank you!

New products and services

2014 saw some new additions to the VeryPC product portfolio in hardware, software and service. We’ve expanded our interactive technologies for education range hugely. We now supply and install interactive projectors, whiteboards and flat panels plus the software that goes with them. We began an important partnership with SMART® - becoming a certified reseller and certified installer of their hardware plus a supplier of SMART Notebook licencing.

Managed support is something we have always provided for the businesses of South Yorkshire. In 2014 we extended that service to our education customers and began to provide IT support to schools across the UK.

Give socks to the homeless

Our Marketing Creative Will recently told us that he’d become aware of a very pressing need amongst homeless support organisations for donations of socks, especially during the cold winter months. He suggested we give some of our VeryPC “Rulers of I.T.” socks that we had made for our SOCKtober competition to Sheffield Cathedral’s Archer Project, who work with the homeless and vulnerable locally.

Obviously we all agreed this was a great idea, so he packed up a big boxful and dropped them off on his way home one evening. It’s just a small contribution, but we know they will be put to very good use. We hope this inspires you to give socks too – do what we did and take them to a local homeless charity, or you can donate through the Socks and Chocs network.

Lots of VeryPC socks. Cathedral Archer Project. Our Will delivering a boxful of socks to the project.

2015: what’s next?

So what is coming up from VeryPC? Well, we have a few things in the pipeline actually. In early 2015 we’ll be introducing further products to our interactive range. Most notable amongst these interactive additions will be Wordwall classroom activity software and a whole range of affordable VividTouch flat panel displays.

A little further down the line from VeryPC you can expect to see products based around delivering easily managed classroom and meeting room solutions. We’re putting together a suite of hardware and software to enable simple screen mirroring and management for Windows® and Android devices.


So 2014 was a great year, and 2015 is already shaping up to be awesome. Thanks for being part of the VeryPC adventure, happy Christmas, and see you in the new year!

From everyone at VeryPC

- Posted by Alan Robinson, Head of Marketing, on behalf of the whole gang.

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